Nissan Service Appointment

Fixing your Nissan right the FIRST time is our top priority. Help Us to Better Understand Your Concerns

Be specific when describing your concerns 
• What does it sound like?  When does it occur?  • When did it begin?  Were there any previous repairs? 
• Ask to complete a Symptom Survey/Diagnostic Worksheet 

Be available to demonstrate any symptoms to our staff 
• Show us how to make it happen • Set time aside for road test, if required  • Ask us to schedule time for a road test 

Record audio or video of symptom if possible 
Ask us to demonstrate we resolved your concern
The service department at Coulter Nissan will keep your vehicle running like new. Our certified technicians and state-of-the-art service center are capable of anything your Nissan needs. Don't trust service on your Nissan to anyone other than the experts here at Coulter Nissan. Schedule your next service appointment with us online and keep your vehicle running its best. From maintenance and repairs to parts and accessories, we've got you covered.